Educational support and enrichment programs are offered for elementary, middle, and high school students of all abilities, who experience academic, behavioral, and life challenges.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs

  • Academic Coaching – Students will receive academic help in their area of disability or weakness. A computer based pre-test will be administered and an Individualized Enrichment Plan will be created. Depending on the need of the student and the package chosen, coaching will be provided during a one hour session up to 4 days a week with a licensed educator.
  • Homework Help – Students can receive help with their homework and projects, which will allow them to stay ahead in school. While receiving help with their homework they will learn strategies and methods that will assist them with class and homework assignments.
  • Fall, Spring, and Summer Break Camps – Enrichment Camps will be offered during all school breaks. Depending on the grade level, students will engage in academic, recreation, art, life skills, and vocational enrichment. Stay informed at for camp location, details, and registration announcements.
  • Educational Boot Camps – J.E.S. Boot Camps are 1-2 day educational experiences. Depending on the grade level students will engage in academic, life skills, and vocational enrichment. Boot camps will be offered on select Saturdays and holiday breaks (during Christmas break, President’s Day, and Good Friday). Stay informed at for camp location, details, and registration announcements.

Middle and High School Programs

  • Life Skills Coaching – Life skills coaching can be done in individual and group sessions. Individual sessions will focus more on the needs of the student. Group sessions will be scheduled once a month to address board topics such as organizational, test taking, social, and money management skills. Stay informed at for details and registration announcements.

For Parents

  • Parent Enrichment Sessions and Webinars – Sessions and webinars will be offered to equip parents with knowledge and resources that will assist them in supporting the unique needs of their child. Stay informed at for details and registration announcements.

1. Call J.E.S. at 423-774-3444 for a free consultation phone conversation and to schedule an intake appointment.

2. Download the welcome packet and application.

3. Read both documents very carefully and fill out the application.

4. Submit the application via email (, mail, or bring the application filled out to the intake appointment.

5. Arrive to the intake appointment at the J.E.S. office located at 1400 McCallie Avenue, Suite 200, Chattanooga, TN 37404.

6. Call J.E.S. anytime if you have questions at 423-774-3444.

We look forward to serving you!

Once an intake appointment has been held, pre-assessments will be administered with each student. After assessments are analyzed, the Director of J.E.S. will create a unique Individualized Enrichment Plan based on pre-assessment scores and input from the parent and student. Students will engage in one hour enrichment sessions for 2-4 days a week.

J.E.S. will utilize direct instruction teaching strategies as well as two computer-based enrichment programs that incorporate a research-proven approach to enriching literacy skills and other academic areas. Progress monitoring data will be available for parents upon request and/or given out monthly.

The following computer-based enrichment programs will be used:

  • Lexia Learning - Lexia Learning was founded by Bob Lemire, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Littleton Meeks after Mr. Lemire’s son was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Together they organized a company that uses computer technology to create skill development software programs that was created to reach all types of students experiencing reading difficulties at a low cost. Lexia Learning now helps students of all abilities master foundational reading skills. In 2013, Lexia was acquired by Rosetta Stone (Lexia Learning, 2014).
  • MobyMax - MobyMax is a complete K-8 computer based curriculum built from Common Core standards. Subject areas include mathematics, reading, language, literature and informational skills, writing, vocabulary, and science, and state test prep. The curriculum is differentiated based on skills derived from pre-assessments and ongoing progress monitoring. MobyMax encourages the input of short and long term enrichment goals so that each student’s curriculum can be customized to fit their unique needs.